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→welcome to ontdteenwolf
A new ONTD spin-off community dedicated to MTV's hit show, "Teen Wolf", based on the 1985 film of the same name starring Michael J. Fox.

The series revolves around social outcast Scott McCall (Tyler Posey), a young lacrosse-playing student at Beacon Hills High. His life drastically changes when he is bitten by a werewolf one night, making him a werewolf as well. With the help of his best friend, Stiles (Dylan O'Brien), his girlfriend, Allison (Crystal Reed), the daughter of the group of werewolf hunters; and the mysterious werewolf, Derek (Tyler Hoechlin), he is forced to learn to balance his new-found identity among the many dangers that it presents with his teenage life. He must keep his loved ones safe and balance the relationships and secrets he shares with each person around him.

At ontdteenwolf, we want to provide fans of the show a place to talk with other fans as well as bringing the latest news and gossip straight to you. Join and make sure to check the tags for any pictures, videos, articles, discussion posts, and spoiler posts you may have missed. Have fun!
→basic rules

-     Be civil: We love sarcasm and witty banter just as much (possibly more) as Stiles and Lydia, but all your cleverness should be directed towards the show, its characters and the various actors that play them. Rude and discriminatory remarks towards your fellow posters will earn you a one way trip to BansVille and no one wants to see that happen.

-     One word posts meant to imply indifference are not cool.  No one cares that you’re too cool for school.

-     Please take the time to make sure you’re not submitting something that’s already been posted.  Google is your friend.  Trust us.

-     NO posting from the following web sites: AVclub.com, Chicago Tribune, X17, Deadline.com PopStar.com / ScreenStar.com /TVStar.com, Gigwise.com, AfterElton.com / AfterEllen.com / LogoOnline.com, Celebitchy.com, Celebrity Baby Blog, Celebrity Babies, Perez Hilton, IndyPosted.com, or Celebutopia.

-     You must provide a source for every post. That means a full and complete URL to the original article, picture, video, etc.  Tumblr is not a source.  So don’t cite it, m’kay?

-     Don’t hotlink.  Upload the images to a site like Tinypic or Imgur and proceed from there.  We’ll reject posts with hotlinks.

-     Please keep all images that are visible above an LJ Cut safe for work.  This includes icons.  People view websites from work, libraries, school, etc and it just plain sucks to be surprised by a frozen screen and a scandalous image.  It happens more often than you think.  Don’t tempt the Internet gremlins.

-     If your post is long, wordy, full of pictures, or contains SPOILERS, please put it behind an LJ Cut.

-     SPOILERS: Get their own section because they are the source of equal parts excitement and frustration on the Internet.
   o   Go ahead and post them.  If you do please tag them as such and also place them behind a cut. Not doing so will earn your post a swift rejection.
   o   Speculation and episode discussion posts are inherently full of spoilers.  If you are avoiding spoilers, avoid those posts.  Or don’t, but don’t whine if you read something you’d rather not have read.  These posts will be obviously marked with a huge graphic as “Speculation” or “Discussion”, so you really won’t be able to miss them.
   o   If you’re thinking about posting a spoiler in the comment section of any post not marked as a spoiler post, be considerate and place your comment behind a spoiler cut.

-     Official Speculation and Discussion posts will be made each week by your friendly neighborhood Mods.  They’ll be tagged as such and they will definitely be full of spoilers.
   o  Discussion posts will be opened up before the episode airs at 10pm ET on Monday nights.  Feel free to chat with other posters as you watch the episode and go crazy.
   o  Speculation posts for each upcoming episode will be put up on the Tuesday following an episode to give as many people as possible a chance to watch the episode before we all start salivating for the next one.

If you’ve got a problem with another poster, a Mod, post content, or your unicorn has stopped puking rainbows, please keep it out of the community and contact a Mod instead.  We’re here to keep the peace and keep the place enjoyable for everyone, so let us do that and let the kids play.  Although, we probably won’t be able to save your unicorn, so maybe don’t message us about that?


official sites:
mtv site ; tumblr ; facebook ; show twitter

cast twitters:
tyler posey (scott) ; crystal reed (allison) ; dylan o'brien (stiles) ; tyler hoechlin (derek) ; holland roden (lydia) ; colton haynes (jackson) ; keahu kahuanui (danny) ; jr bourne (mr. argent) ; eaddy mays (mrs. argent) ; ian bohen (peter) ; gage golightly (erica) ; sinqua walls (boyd) ; daniel sharman (issac) ; stephen lunsford (matt) ; jill wagner (kate)

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